No.84 is looking for someone to make it home!

It’s been several long months of hard work, but No.84 is very close to being complete & will need someone to make it home and or work! There a loads more pictures of the renovation process yet to be posted to the blog (we’ve been too busy renovating to blog) but we promise to add them so you can see how is has all come together!


In a few weeks the finishing touches will have all been completed & No.84 will be ready to go! So we thought it was time to get the ‘To Let’ signs up so that everyone that is interested can have an opportunity to look & see what a neat space it has been transformed into.

If you are interested in letting No.84 complete the form over to the right here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mezzanine – Stage 3

The mezzanine level is fast taking shape! The stairs are now in place & plastering is about to get underway. There is some solid rendering to be done to even up the edge where the existing ceiling once sat.

No.84 - Stage 3 of mezzanine.

No.84 – Stage 3 of mezzanine.

Progress is full steam ahead at No.84 – not to without the help of a good builders cat of course!

Vespa the Builders Cat!

Vespa the Builders Cat!




Mezzanine – Stage 2

Hot on heels of stage 1, the mezzanine is fast taking shape at No.84! The original ceiling has now been removed to create the new vaulted ceiling space for the mezzanine level. Insulation is going into the cavity between the roof tiles, before new plasterboard lines the new ceiling area.
No.84 - Stage 2 of mezzanine.


No.84 – Stage 2 of mezzanine.

At the outset of the renovation we knew a number of the original roof tiles were either damaged or missing, a large area of which was above the newly created mezzanine. The roof tiles were especially produced for the buildings & are stamped ‘Ministry of Eduction’ on the underside, which pretty much makes them impossible to replace – so it was decided to fit a Velux window in the space where the missing roof tiles were, which means the master bedroom has lovely natural light.

No.84 - Mezzanine skylight.

No.84 – Mezzanine skylight.

Watch this space for stage 3 of the mezzanine! Or check out the No.84 Facebook page.


Mezzanine – Stage 1.

This week has been a big week at No.84! The construction of the new mezzanine level has commenced, which is going to frame a new kitchen & dining area in the level below. We’ve been careful to try and preserve as much of the original crown moulding around the ceiling so that it can be re-puposed & incorporated into the new outer master bedroom wall.

Check out the progress so far …

No.84 - Stage 1 of mezzanine.

No.84 – Stage 1 of mezzanine.


When I renovated No.82 a few years back I had a vision of striking tall palm trees in front of the building. And after many hours trolling TradeMe I found some mature Bangalow Palms that needed a new home. So, naturally I set about trying to hunt down a matching pair for No.84 – TradeMe to the rescue again!

Bangalow Palms - Newly transplanted at No.84.

Bangalow Palms – Newly transplanted at No.84.

Getting Going ..

So, the plan is to breathe a new lease of life into No.84 – which is no small task to take on! It has been decided to transform No.84 into a versatile space which can be used for either living & working, or both!

To start things underway the building has had to be stripped of all existing fixtures, most of which were no longer serviceable at all, bomb all the cockroaches out & give the place a clean inside & out so we could see what we are working with a bit better!

No.84 - Much cleaner after a chemical wash!

No.84 – Much cleaner after a chemical wash!

Previous tenants of the building had built a make-shift mezzanine (seen in the photograph below) in the ceiling, which was very pokey & unsafe structurally. After much advice from friends, family & Steve the Builder  it has been decided to construct a new mezzanine level which will span the width of the building, with the floor of the mezzanine spanning out about 3 metres. There are lots of factors which have made planning this space tricky: large sash windows on either side of the building which need to still function from the existing floor level & the new mezzanine & more importantly a large roof truss which has to remain in place but that we need to work into the space in a functional manner.

No.84 - The existing internal layout.

No.84 – The existing internal layout.

The result will be a new mezzanine level which will create two new spaces within No.84, a master bedroom & an office area – which will be separated by the stairs & the bedroom enclosed with a new wall to the height of the existing main level ceiling, with a vaulted ceiling within the mezzanine space to create height & light.

Keep checking back here or on Facebook to see the progress over the coming months!

Some History.

Not a great deal is known or recorded about 84 Selwyn Street (not at least that I have found) so any other information would be fantastic to know. But here is what is known ..

84 Selwyn Street Onehunga was constructed in 1920, it’s original function was as the Girl’s classroom for Home Economics (located adjacent to the original Onehunga School). With a twin building next door (82) which was the Boys’s Woodwork class, pupils would bus from across the Auckland region –  schools as far away as Papakura to take classes here. I have been told that at some later stage the buildings were utilised as an orphanage & beyond that sat dormant for many years.

The building is built in an English bricklaying style & is constructed in a double brick style, with sold rendered finishing. The floor throughout the building is heart Matai, there are four original tiled fireplace hearths that would have once had cooking stoves upon them.

For quite a number of years No.84 has either been dormant or largely unloved, so it is not before time that the building is returned to her former glory & put to good use! You can follow the progress here or on Facebook.

No.84 - Ready for renovation!

No.84 – Ready for renovation!